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Frans Campher

Frans Campher CEO

“My commitment is that we will do everything we can to build a trusting relationship with you based on mutual respect, where we deliver real value and results to you and your organisation. 

We will meet you where you are, first seek to understand and create a deep partnership in service of your objectives.

Our purpose is to equip your leaders with a way of being, mind-set and capacities that foster an engaging, agile, creative, and collaborative environment producing extraordinary and sustainable results for themselves and your stakeholders.”

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About Us

Leadership Development Consultants

Our highly talented and experienced team of leadership development consultants, are thought leaders from the business world who are not only experts in their chosen subjects, they are personally committed to transforming leaders in an integral way.

They fully understand what it takes to lead in a VUCA environment and will bring all of their talent and experience to bear in supporting your outcomes.

All of our talented coaches, facilitators, trainers and consultants have the following attributes:

  • A strong commercial background, they will have held senior positions in organisations such as yours
  • All our coaches are educated to an extremely high standard and hold an International Coach Federation (ICF) or similar accreditation
  • Highly experienced and expert in the field of leadership development at a senior level
  • Are interested in creating leading edge blended learning experiences based on accelerated learning and action enquiry principles
  • All have global experience and bring this understanding to bear in support of you and your teams
  • Committed to understanding your aims and objectives, working with you to achieve your outcomes and results
  • All have over 15+ years of both commercial and leadership development experience

Our success is built on partnership and results delivered

We have a lot of experience and are passionate about delivering results by developing Leadership capacities and people engagement. We’d like to support you developing your Leaders and your people.

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